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ThemalTemperature Measurement Walk Through Detector Rental

Temprature Measurent walk-through metal detector, adopting the thermal imagery technology, realizes non- contact temperature measurement. Face detection function of the camera makes an accurate positioning of the measurement. The detector also supports metal detection. It is suitable for safety inspection of dangerous goods and is widely used in public occasions and important places, etc. It is recommended to be used indoor with a windless environment.

Short Overview of the Temperature Walk Through Detector

    • Alarms can be Set to Store to SD Relay
    • Output can be triggered to drive strobe or Siren IVMS4200
    • Can be Conntected to PC or Existing company infertructure Network for Recording and Remote Viewing.
    • Setup and installation is included in Rental.



1The Benefits of the Temprature Walk Through Detector are as Follows:

Walk Through Detector will be at the Forefront of Upcoming Events or your Business for the Screening of Users.

Get Notified While any Staff Member or Person is Entering the Building to which has a Fever and which People are not Wearing Masks on Entry. A Security Personal, Sercurity Company or an Assigned Operator will have to be assigned to Operate and Manage at the Entry Point of Building or Event Point.

A Daily and Monthly Report can be Captured and Provided.
If any Feedback is Required to any Incident that may occur a Full Report can then be Retrieved if Needed.





Non-contact temperature measurement: face temperature measurement with accurately personnel matching. Temperature accuracy:±0.5 ℃ , detection distance: 0.5 to 1.5 m, target height: 1.45 m to 1.85 m

 Temperature filtering: adjustable temperature threshold. An over-threshold temperature will trigger the audible strobe light

 Counting display: displays the walk-through people number, metal alarm times, real time temperature, number of people in abnormal temperature
 Metal detection: metal likes a clip
 Multi-Area alarm: Indicates the metal position on the body. Max. 18 areas
 Modularized component: easy transmission and installation.


Thermal Imaging Features Smart Functions:

 Temperature exception detection

 Linkage for audible alarm

 Linkage of white strobe light alarm Thermal Imaging Functions:
 Uncooled sensor, resolution: 160 x 120
 Supports AGC4.0, DDE, and 3DNR
 Supports dual-light fusion image
 Supports visible light and thermal imaging frame over lay System Functions:
 Dual-channel, single IP
 Dual-streaming
 PoE power supply
 IP66 protective level
 Operation temperature: 5℃ to 40℃, <95% RH Interfaces:
 10M/100M self-adapting network interface
 Micro SD/Micro SDHC/Micro SDXC card (128G/256G) slot

 1-ch alarm input/output
 15 pseudo colors: white, black , red, etc. Visible Light Functions:
 4 MP, 1/2.7 “ CMOS, Max. resolution: 2688×1520@25fps
 Supports low bit rate, low latency and ROI  Independent settings for day or night condition
 1-ch audio input/output
 1-ch 12 VDC power input Security:
 Security verification, such as HTTPS, supports license creating
 Three level of users, IP address filtering, user and password authentication.

Temperature Walk Through Detector Specs Summary:

IR distance Max. 15 m

Sensor Vanadium oxide uncooled sensor

Resolution 2688×1520@25fps

Focal length 4mm

Resolution2688×1520, 4MP

Focal Length 8mm

Body temperature measurement AI face detection, multi-target detection

Measurement range 30 to 45℃

Temperature Alarm Alarm triggered when the temperature is over the threshold

SD card storage Micro SD/Micro SDHC/Micro SDXC card (128GB or 256GB)

NVR storage - Supports live view/playback, rule display, alarm report, and remote configuration

Max. live view channel number 20

User Three level: administrator, operator, general user

Safety strategy User and password authentication, HTTPS encryption, IEEE 802.1x control, IP address filtering

Network interface 1,RJ45 10/100M self-adaption


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Long Term and Short Term Rentals:

Short Term Rentals available for Events Only.

Long Term Rentals available to all Businesses Only. 

Long Term Rental available - For Small and Large Businesses, Retail Stores, Office Buildings, Corporate Businesses, Factories, Schools, Etc. - Long Term Hire will be over a 32 Months Hire Period.

Note: Cameras which we Provide is not an Entry Level Product and is more of a High End Product and offers more Features than the Entry Level Products!

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