Kids Party Hire

Kids Party Hire!

Welcome to our Kiddies Section - Choose from a selection of Equipment to Spice up your Kiddies Party.

Kids Games hire, Kids Party Hire, Kids Rides, Garden Games Hire, Jumping Castle hire, Trampoline hire, Water Slide Hire, Pizza Oven hire, Popcorn Machine hire, Slush Puppy hire, Soft Serve hire, Candy Floss Machine hire, waffle Stick Hire, doughnut Machine Hire, Chip Flyer Hire, Bean Bag Hire

A great selection of kids Equipment for hire!

Kids Entertaiment for Hire and Kids Games Hire - Johannesburg - We have a full range of Kids Equipment for hire to Choose from. 



Inflatable Obsticle Course


 Inflatables Hire


Full Range of Kids Inflatable for Hire for Kids Parties Kids Functions.

View our Inflatables for Hire

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Racing Simulation


Arcade Game Hire - Carnival Games Hire - Garden Games Hire

Arcade Games Hire - A Selection of Arcade Games for Hire. Arcade Machines Hire - Have a 1 or 2 player options with your Arcade Hire.
Hours of Fun and Excitment.
We have a wide Selection of Arcade Games to Choose from for Kids. We have some of the following Arcade Games for hire to choose from 450 Games in 1 Arcade hire or the Popular Dance Dance Revolution or Racing Simulator Hire for all Kiddies Parties and Private Parties.

Full List of Arcade Machines Hire and Arcades Games Hire


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Disco Jukebox

Disco Jukebox Hire Johannesburg - Kids Jukebox Hire - Great for Kids Bling Parties - Kids Sweet 16 Party Hire with Sound, Music, and Bling Mirror Ball. Party to be a Great Hit - Spice up your Kids Party Today!

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      Kids Sumo Suits Hire


Kids Sumo Suits Hire

Hire a Kids Sumo Suite. Experience the life of a sumo wrestler for a day.
Our Sumo Suits are built with safety and comfort in mind. They're easy to get in and out of which means more wrestling rounds for all involved.

It's not all about strength with sumo suits either. Their design helps those that haven't been training for the moment their whole lives making each bout fairer for all participants.

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                    Dunk Tunk Party Hire Hub



Dunk Tank Hire - Dunking Machine Hire - Dunking Booth Hire

Dunk Tank Hire Johannesburg - Entertainment at its best. Kids Dunk Tank Hire - Great Fun for School Events, Kids Events Kids Parties. 
Dunk Tank also known as a dunking booth Hire or Dunking Machine Hire, is an attraction mainly used in fairs, fundraisers, and parties. Consists of a large tank of water, over which a volunteer sits on a collapsing seat. When a ball strikes a target, the seat collapses, dunking the person into the water. People will often volunteer to get dunked fully clothed for a humorous effect.




Portable Basketball Stand


Portable Basketball Hoop

Hire a Poratable Basketball Hoop - Basket Ball Hoop Hire comes with the basket ball Hoop, Basket Ball Backboard and Pole. We can offer you 1 or 2 Basket Ball Hoops for hire - Hire includes Basket Ball


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Movie Night

Outdoor Movie Night Hire - Outdoor Cinema Hire - Movie Night Hire

Movie Night Hire - Gather up Friends and family Under the Night Sky and Enjoy the Entertainment of having your very own Cinema night with your very own Inflatable Screen at the convenience of your Home or upcoming Event. Top Quality Hire!

Have the Option of hiring our Bean Bags, Popcorn Machine, Slush Puppy Machine, and Blankets for the Night. 

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Soccer Goal Posts Hire - Goal Posts Hire

Hire Kiddies Soccer Goal Posts, Soccer Goals. Hire a Single Kiddies Goal Post or 2 Goal Kiddies Goal Posts. Soccer Ball is included with Goal Posts.

Adult Soccer Goal Posts Enquiry

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            Playstation 4 Hire

              Xbox 1 Console


Gaming Consoles Hire

 Playstation 4 Consoles and Xbox 1 Consoles for Hire.
Consoles Hire will include - Gaming Console, 2x Gaming Controllers, Gaming Stand - Optional, LED Screen and a Selection of Games available on Request. 
Multi-Player Options available.

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Pizza Oven Hire

1x Bag of Wood 1x Firelighter, 1x Pizza Scoop and
1x Stainless Steel Table with Wheels

          Pizza Oven Instructions

  1. Place 1 Bag of wood into Pizza Oven and start fire with Firelighter
  2. Once wood is red hot (roughly after 20min) Smear wood around edges of the oven.
  3. Now you can Insert your Pizzas into the Oven with the Scoop
  4. You can Prepare 3 Medium Size Pizzas all at one time in Oven
  5. Pizzas should take roughly 10min to 15min before ready

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Bean Bags Hire

Hire a Bean Bags Hire

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 Popcorn Machine Hire

Hire a Popcorn Machine - Popcorn Machine Hire is the genuine industrial type popcorn machine. Your Popcorn Machine Includes the following -
2x 500g Packets of popcorn, 200ml Oil and a selection of 5 Popcorn Spices to choose from with you popcorn hire.

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Candy Floss Hire

Hire a Candy Floss Machine - Candy Floss Machine Hire is the genuine industrial type candy floss machine. Your Candy Floss Machine Hire will include the sugar flavours which you can choose from. Rent your own candy floss machine Today!

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Waffle Stick Hire

Hire a Waffle Stick Machine -  Waffle Machine Hire is the geniune industrial type Waffle Stick Machine Hire. Your Waffle Stick Hire will include the Sticks with the hire. Rent your own Waffle Stick Machine Today!

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Slush Puppy Hire

Hire a Slush Puppy Machine - Slush Puppy Machine Hire is the genuine indusctrial type Slush Puppy Machine Hire which includes the Following:

50 x Cups, 50 x Straws and 2 x 5L Slush puppy Syrup.

Flavours you can shoose from:
Strawberry, Bubble-gum, Cream Soda, Black Currant, Grape, Orange, Blueberry, Cherry.
Hire your Slush Puppy Machine Today.

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Soft Serve Hire

Hire a Soft Serve Machine - 1 x 5 L Soft serve ice-cream mix and 50 cones with 1 x Syrup


2 x 5 L ice cream mix and 100 cones with 2x syrups

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