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outdoor volleyball

Volleyball Net Hire

Sports Games Hire - Volleyball Nets Hire Johannesburg - Great Fun and Entertainment for a Team Sports Activites - Your Volleyball Nets Rental includes 1x Volleyball Net, 1x Ball - Great for Team Building, Sports Events, Business Functions.
Sports Equipment Hire

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Netball Hoop Hire

Netball Hoops Hire

Netball Hoops Hire Johannesburg - Fun Womens Sport Activity Game for Hire - We Hire Netball Hoops for Events, Sports Days, School Events, Business Events and Team Building Hire Events - Sports Equipment Hire at its best. Your Netball Hoops includes 1x Netball Ball and Netball Aprons for the Teams - Enquire about our Sports Equipment Hire Today.

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Golf Net Hire

Golf Practice Nets Hire

Golf Net Hire Johannesburg - Golf Hitting Net Hire. We hire Golf Practice Nets, Get into the swing of things with your Golf Cage Hire, To make things more Fun we will Include Golf Clubs with Hire and Golf Balls  - Great for Golf Days, Business Functions, Events or Warmup to Golf Tournaments. 

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Portable Basketball Stand

Basketball Hoop Hire - Basketball Hire

Hire a Basketball Hoop Hire - Basket Ball Hoop Hire comes with the basket ball Hoop, Basket Ball Backboard and Pole. We can offer you 1 or 2 Basket Ball Hoops for hire - Hire includes Basket Ball

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Soccer Goal Posts Hire - Soccer Goals Hire - Soccer Nets Hire

Hire a Soccer Goal Post, Soccer Goals Hire, Soccer Nets Hire. Hire a Single Goal Post or 2 Goal Posts. Soccer Ball is included with Goal Posts.

We have Different Goal Post Sizes:

Large Size
Original Adult Soccer Tournament Size

Medium Size
- Adults Size, 
Mid Age Kids Size or Fun Corprate Events

Small Size
Kiddies Size

Great for Soccer Tournaments, School Tournaments, Corprate Events, Fun Events, Sporting Events, Team Building Events.

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Badminton Nets Hire

Badminton Net Hire Johannesburg - Sports Hire at its best - We Hire Badminton Nets for Events Hire, Sports Days, Business Events Hire and Team Building Events Hire - Sports Equipment Hire at its best. Your Badminton Net includes 2x Bats, 1x Ball - (Shuttlecock) - Enquire about our Sports Equipment Hire Today.

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Tug of War

Tug of War Hire

Tug of War Hire Johannesburg - Tug of War Hiring puts two teams against each other in a fun and exciting test of strength. Each team attempts to pull the other team to get their rope marking across the center 
line hopefully taking the other team with it
. Fun for all Events and Team Building Event Hires.

Let the Fun Begin Book your Tug of War Hire Today.

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Croquet Hire

Croquet Hire is a lawn game Hire which involves hitting wooden balls with a mallet through hoops embedded into the grass playing field. 
Great for all ages, croquet makes a great addition to any Outdoor Event Hire, Kids Party Hire Family Events or Work Functions.

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