Batman Racing Arcade Hire


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Our Batman Racing Arcade for Hire is one of our most current racing arcades for hire which has a great gameplay and top graphics with a large built in 32" LED Screen which is definatly an Arcade to add at your next Event!

Have you ever dreamed of driving the Batmobile inspired by the Superhero Batman? Then your wish might just come a little closer in our Batman racing arcade for Hire!

Choose from a selection of 10 Batmobiles which consists of missions all set in the Batmobile Vehicles where you will be equipt to also shoot your Enimies such as the Joker and Mr Freeze. In each game storyline is a mission where you the player gets to fly the Bat from the Dark knight Rises. The player accounting system keeps track of the played missions, game progress and high score. The game encourages to continue play after each task.

Our Batman Driving arcade for Hire is designed for Adults and Kids.

You will only have the option of renting 1x of our Limited Batman Arcade.

Great for Events, Corprate Events, Parties, Functions, Brand Activations and Exhibitions.

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