Golf Cart Hire - On Tap

Looking for that Exclusive Party on Wheels at your next Event... Great cause Party Hire Hub has just the solution for you! Introducing our amazing Mobile Golf Cart for Hire which Serves all your amazing Alcohol Beverges from the back of your very on Golf Cart.

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What does it all include?

1. The Rental of the Golf Cart
2. Draught Machine which is located at the Back of the Golf Cart
3. Choose from a range of Alcohol of Choice - From Beers to Gins
4. Choose any 2 of your Favourite Kegs which we will be loaded with your Golf Cart Rental which Options are provided below.
5. Ice which is included on the Side Compartment of the Golf Cart
6. Golf Cart is fully mobile onsite so you can have your Party anywhere anytime wherever you like at your event on the day!
7. The Party Golf Cart is fully Solar so you never have to worry about recharging it when at your event!
8. Has Dual Onboard USB's - For Charging Phones and If you would like to bring own Bluetooth Speaker to listen to music
9. All that is needed from your side is the Guests and we will bring the Entertainement to you!


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Your Golf Cart Hire is great for...

Golf Days
Brand Activations
Corporate Events
VIP Events


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Keg List - Choose 2x Kegs of your choice for your Event!

Beer On Tap List:
Super Bock – 20L
Castle Lite – 20L
Castle Lager – 20L
Black Label – 20L
Heineken – 20L
Windhoek Draught – 20L
Guinness Draught – 20L
Stella Artois Draught – 20L
Amstel – 20L
Hansa Pilsner – 20L
Peroni – 20L
Pilsner Urquell – 20L
Hoegaarden – 20L
Leffe – 20L
Soweto Gold Superior Lager – 20L

Gin On Tap List:
oriGin Himalayan Citrus – 18L
oriGin Rose Gold – 18L
oriGin Viking Elderflower – 18L
Gordon Gin and Tonic – 18L
Tanqueray Gin and Tonic – 18L
Tanqueray No. 10 Gin and Tonic – 18L
Tanqueray Flor de Seville Gin and Tonic – 18L
Phat Boy G&T – 18L
Bloedlemoen Gin and Tonic

Spirits On Tap List:
Brandy & Coke
Vodka & OJ
Mozam Rhum
Jet Fuel
Bootleg Punch
Galaxy Gin

Wine on Tap List:
Wine on Tap – Oak Valley Sauvignon Blanc – 20L
Wine on Tap – Vondeling Rose – 20L
Wine on Tap – Vondeling Merlot – 20L
Wine on Tap – Vondeling Chenin Blanc – 20L
Bubbly on Tap – Sparkling Wine

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