Inflatable Parachute Rocket Hire

Inflatable Rocket PHH1

Inflatable Parachute Rocket hire

Inflatable Rocket hire Gauteng - Our
Inflatable Parachute Rocket for Hire is a
very Popular Inflatable and is Great Fun, Its
Guaranteed to be a Hit at your Next Event.
Great for all Large Events,
Fun Days,
School Functions, Church Events, Parties.

How It Works: 
It Comes with a inner capsule complete with inflatable and
a tailor made harness.
The participants are then strapped
into the
parachute harness.

Inflatable Rocket setup then comes to life when the inner
chamber is filled with air. The increased pressure builds up
inside the Parachute Rocket then begins to lift the parachute
inside the main structure of the rocket, which then lifts the
Children up inside until they reach the Top of Rocket.

Whilst up at the top of Parachute Rocket, wait for the
countdown!! The air doors then zipped open and the air
pressure is released causing the rider to drop inside the
rocket tower and experience the true free-fall effect felt by
real parachute extremists yet safely inside the inflatable surround.

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