Party Hire

Party Hire Section - Choose from a selection of Equipment to Spice up your Event.

Party Hire in Johannesburg, Pretoria - We have a Great Selection of Fun Party Equipment for Hire which ranges from all your Indoor Games for Hire to Outdoor Games Hire. Our Event Games for Hire are suitable for Kids and Adults and are ready to be a Hit at your Next Event. Our Wide Range of Kids Entertainment, Corporate Entertainment and Event Equipment for Hire are Designed for Kids Parties, Corporate Events, Business Events, Functions and Brand Activations.

PoolHire4Pool Table Hire

Hire a Pool Table - Pool table will include
the following: 
2x Pool Cues 1x Box of Balls (16 Balls Total)
1x Chalk 
Arrange an Entertaining game of
pool with Friends,
Family or work colleagues
at your Personal Event or Work Function. 
Our Pool Tables are coin and Non Coin operated. 
We Offer Long Term and Short Term Hiring on our Pool Tables.

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SoccerTableFoosball Hire

Hire a Foosball Table - Arrange an Entertaining game of Foosball
with friends, Family or work colleagues at your Personal Event or
Work Function. Can be played with 2 or 4 players. 

We Offer Long Term and Short Term Hiring on our Foosball Tables.

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TableTennisBlueTable Tennis Hire

Hire a Tennis Table - Tennis Table will include the following:

2x Table Tennis Bats 2x Table Tennis Balls 1x Table Tennis Net
Arrange an Entertaining game of Table Tennis with Friends,
Family or work colleagues at your Personal Event or Work Function.

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AirHockeyTableAir Hockey Hire

Hire a Air Hockey Table - Your Air Hockey Hire is for the Man Cave
or Kiddies Party includes hours of fun and Entertainment.
Your Air Hockey table will include 2x Air Hockey Pushers,
Air Hockey Pucks, and a Digital scoring device to keep store of Air hockey game.
Hire your Air Hockey Table Today.


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ArcadeHireArcade Game Hire

Hire a Arcade Game - We at Party Hire Hub have Selection of Arcades for Hire. Our Arcades - Have the Option for a 1 or 2 player option with Most Arcades for Hire. Hours of Fun and Excitement. We have a wide Range of Arcade Games to Choose from. We have a selection of the following Arcade Games for hire to choose from starting with 650 Games in 1 Classic Arcade hire to Dance Revolution Hire, Skateboarding Simulator, Racing Simulators, Xbox and Playstation Consoles, Pinball Machines and many More to choose from - which are Designed for Corprate Functions, Business Events, Private Functions and Kids Parties.

Click Here - Full List of Arcade Games Hire

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Pinball Machines Hire3Pinball Machine Hire

Hire a Pinball Machine.
Traditional Pinball Machines for Hire. We have great Pinball Machines
available for Hire for Next Event or Party. Keep Entertained for Hours
and try hit your next Top Score or start a Pinball Challange against you component!
Hire your your very own Pinball machine Today. 

Great Entertainment for Work Functions and Private Functions
your Pinball Machine Hire is gauranteed to be a Hit!

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jukebox3Jukebox Hire

Jukebox Hire Johannesburg / Classic Jukebox - Modern Jukebox Hiring,
Karaoke also available.
Fun and Entertainment starts with your Jukebox. 
Your Quality Jukebox
 includes a selection of current top Number 1 Hits
and has a large selection of Current Hits,
Your Jukebox includes Touch Screens making it very user Friendly.
Add music to your very own selected playlist.
Note our Jukeboxes are all at High Performace Standards.
Jukeboxes are Suitable for Large Events and Medium Halls.
Great for Parties, Work Functions or Corporate Functions.
So go ahead Rent a your very own jukebox and bring your party or Event to life!

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KaraokeHireKaraoke Hire - Sound Entertainment

Karaoke Hire Johannesburg / Karaoke Hiring / Fun and Entertainment starts with your Karaoke Machine Rental. Best Karaoke Hits to Choose From. Your Karaoke Machine is a All in 1 System which is very User Friendly and all at the touch of your very own Fingertips. Hire includes 1x Touch Screen, 2x Wireless Mic's and a 1x Set of High Quality Speakers.Your Karaoke Machine includes all the Wording for each Song. NB your Karaoke Machine will be at High Quality Standards. Hire your Karaoke for your Next Party, Kiddies Party or Work Function coming up! Hire your very own Karaoke Machine Today.

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PokerPoker Table Hire - Hire a Poker Table

Hire a Poker Table. Hire your very Own Entertaining 8 Seater Poker Tables
which includes Playing Cards, Poker Playing Chips in Case Set, Includes
your very own Poker Dealer for the day. Fun and Entertainment at its best!
Your Poker Table Hire is great for Event Functions, Corprate Functions,
Bachelor Parties or House Function. Hire your Poker Table today. 

Click Here - Full List of Gaming Tables Hire 

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Dunk Tunk Party Hire HubDunk Tank Hire - Dunking Machine Hire - Dunking Booth Hire

Dunk Tank Hire Johannesburg - Entertainment at its best.
Dunk Tank Hire is Built with Safty and Confort in Mind - Dunk a Boss,
Dunk a Work colleague or Have the pleasure of Dunking Friend
for good fun and Laughs. 
Dunk Tank also known as a dunking booth Hire
or Dunking Machine Hire, is an attraction mainly used in fairs, fundraisers,
and parties.
Consists of a large tank of water, over which a volunteer sits on a collapsing seat.
When a ball strikes a target, the seat collapses, dunking the person into the water.
People will often volunteer to get dunked fully clothed for a humorous effect.

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JacuzziHire cropJacuzzi Hire - Mobile Jacuzzi Hire - Hot Tub Hire

Hire a Jacuzzi 6 Seater,

Mobile Jacuzzi Hire - Relax and take some
time out in your very own Hot Tub Hire.
Your Mobile Jacuzzi Rental accomodates 6 People.
Jacuzzi hire has a selection of different settings to
choose from to switch on Inflatable Jacuzzi bubbles,
Temprature and more.
You can also Decide to Have
the option of having a Hot or Cold Jacuzzi.
Rent a Mobile Jacuzzi Today!

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High StikerHigh Striker Hire - Strength Tester Hire - Strongman Game Hire

High Striker Hire Johannesburg - Test Your Strength and Power
with the Strength Stiker Hire- Be the Strongman and the King of the Hammer -
Great Entertainment for any Business Event, Corporate Function, Fund Raisers,
Carnivals or Fun Fairs.

How it Works:

It operates by utilizing the lever where one end holds a puck attached to the tower
and the other end is struck by the person or contestant using a hammer or mallet.


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Photobooth shot1Booth Hire

Photo Booth Hire Johannesburg - Strike a Pose with your Photo Booth Rentals. Create Special Memories with your Advanced Top of the Range Photo Booth Hire - Amazing Photos and Prints all at the Touch of a Button - Entertainment for all Events. Take High Quality Photo Booth Shoots as a Group or individually with Advanced Options of Immediate Color Prints. Email your Photos or Post photos to your Social Network. Take your Photo Booth Shot by touching Screen and your done. Additional options to Retake Photo then go ahead! Great for Corporate Events, Business Functions, Weddings and Personal Parties.

Click Here - Inflatable Photo Booth Option

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Gladiator InflatablesInflatables Hire

Inflatable Hire - Inflatables Hire in Johannesburg,
Inflatable Games Hire, Inflatable Gladiator Hire,
Inflatable Boxing Ring Hire, Inflatable Obstacle
Hire, Inflatable Dart Board Hire, Inflatable
Wrecking Ball Hire, Team Building Inflatables Hire,
Sport Inflatables Hire -
 Fun for all Events,
Bachelor Parties and Team Building Events

Click Here - Full List of Inflatables for Hire

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sumosuits cropSumo Suits Hire

Hire a Sumo Suite. Experience the life of a sumo wrestler for a day.
Our Sumo Suits are built with safety and comfort in mind.
They're easy to get in and out of which means more
wrestling rounds for all involved.

It's not all about strength with sumo suits either.
Their design helps those that haven't been training for the moment
their whole lives making each bout fairer for all participants.

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Mechanical BullMechanical Bull Hire

Rodeo Bull - Mechanical Bull Hiring
Johannesburg / Fun and Entertainment for Adults
and Kids. Inflatable Mechanical Bull Hire.
Your Mechanical Bull is Great for upcoming
Events, Business Functions, Team Building
Events, Carnivals, Shows. Your Mechanical
Rodeo Bull Hire will include 1x Operator on the day of Hiring.

Click Here - Mechanical Bull Hire Section

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Disco 2

Sound Hire, Lighting Hire, Fog Machine Hire, Foam Machine Hire, Bubble Machine Hire, Dance Floor Hire, Mirror Ball Hire

With a Selection of Disco Party Hire we have a Selection of Dance Party Equipment for Hire which will spice up your next Party which includes the following - Sound Hire, Lighting Hire, Mic Hire, Hire a Fog Machine Hire, Hire a Foam Machine, Hire a Bubble Machine.
Visit our Link below for more Rental Options -

Click Here - Full List - Disco Equipment Hire

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Party Hire Hub Bar Hire2Bar Hire - Mobile Bar Hire

Modern Bar Hiring in Johannesburg.
Mobile Bar Rental. Get your Party Started
with your very own LED Bar Hire. Entertain
your Guests and let the Fun begin with a few Drinks.
 includes LED Lighting and Optional Built in
Automatic Beer Dispenser, 1x 2 Stainless Steel Beer Taps.
Hire your Bar for Personal Parties, Bachelors Parties or Work Functions.

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DartboardDartboard Hire

Hire a Dartboard - Your Dartboard Will Include
the following: 
6 Darts and Dartboard Cabinet 
with Dart board Scoreboard) Dart board Rental
(Comes with a Dartboard Stand) Enquire about our Dartboard Hire Today!

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Beer Pong Table HireBeer Pong Hire

Game Hire - Beer Pong Table Hire Johannesburg.
Fun and Exciting Beer Pong Hiring. 
Our Beer Pong Hire is Great for Fun and Entertainment
for all Bachelor Parties Events and Team Building Event Hires.

Let the Fun Begin Book your Beer Pong Table Hire Today.

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Slushie cropSlush Puppy Hire - Slush Machine Hire

Hire a Slush Puppy Machine Johannesburg - Amazing Slush Machine Hire with Great
Flavours to choose from- Your Slush Puppy Rental will include
0 x Cups, 60 x Straws and 2 x 5L Slush puppy Syrup.
Great for upcoming Events, Functions, Kids Parties.

Flavours you can choose from:
Strawberry, Blue berry, Bubble-gum, Raspberry, Pinapple, Grape, Black Current and More.

Click Here - Kids Party Hire Options

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LED FurnitureLED Furniture Hire 

LED Furniture Hire Johannesburg - Hire LED Furniture for Events, Parties and Functions - Spice it up with LED Cocktail Tables Hire, LED Cocktail Chairs Hire, LED Cubes Hire, LED Ottomans Hire, LED Pots Hire - All LED Furniture is for Indoor and Outdoor use Choose your Color Scheme of Lighting for your Event - a selection of Different Lighting Schemes are  available.

Click Here - Event Equipment for Hire Section

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Pyramid Heater Hire crop

Pyramid Patio Heater Hire - Flame Heater Hire

Heat up this Winter with your very own Pyramid Patio Heater Hire. 
We offer Patio Heaters for hire and Pyramid Heaters for Rent.

Note: All our Gas Heaters are Stainless Steel and are at top Quality.

Click Here - Full List of our - Outdoor Equipment Hire

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Confetti Blower3Confetti Blower Hire

Confetti Machine hire Johannesburg. Rent a LED Confetti Blower. Powerful, Top Quality Confetti Machines Hire. Fun and Professional Confetti Machine Rentals for all Grand Openings, Celerbrations, Special Events, Tv Shows, Sports Awards, Night Clubs, Weddings or Live Concerts. We offer Indoor and Outdoor Confetti Blowers that will suite your next Upcoming Event!

Indoor Confetti Blower

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