Inflatable Human Foosball Hire

Inflatable Dart Board cropInflatable Human Foosball Hire

Our Large Inflatable Foosball for Hire you have the ability to have up to 20 people taking part, 8 to 10 a side teams will compete against each other in a life sized Interactive version of the Inflatable Foosball game. Once inside the inflatable, players strap themselves in, which restricts their movement to side to side motions only.  And if there are others attached to the same pole, there will need to be some communication and teamwork involved if you need to intercept the ball.

It’s a great spectator game, as player can’t organise themselves to move left or right to start with - but eventually, they figure it out and that’s when things really heat up. The only way to win at this game is by working together - no “man of the match” awards here - it’s - all for one and one for all!

Our Inflatable Human Foosball is 24 Meters Length x 12 Meters Width!

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