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Key Master Prize Machine HireInflatable Boxing Ring Hire

Looking for the Ultimate Brand Activation Prize Machine for Hire? Then look no further then Renting out our amazing Key Master Prize Machine which is now available for Hire! Our Key Master Promo Prize Machine is a One of a Kind Brand Activiation Prize Machine which is now avaiable for you to hire at your next Brand Activation, Promo Event, Exhibition, Corporate Event or Function! 

How it Works: The Key Master will test the Players as they try to unlock prizes by putting the key in the Key hole in order to unlock there very own prize! This Requires a lot of Focus and Technique and may look easier than what it really is! Its easy to Underatand and Fun to play! Its the perfect Promo Prize Game for all ages! For more info about the Key Master Contact us Today!

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Arcade Games Hire - Arcade Grabber MachineClaw Grabber crop

Promotional Events. Hire our Grabber Machine for Promotions,
competitions and Prize Givings.
With a Selection of different Items
that can be won. Hire our Grabber Machine Today.

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Punching Arcade Hire - Dragon PunchInflatable Boxing Ring Hire

Want the Ultimate Bragging Rights? Then hire a Dragon Punch Arcade form Party Hire Hub today! Its the ultimate test of Strength - Dragon Punch is a Modern day remake of the classic carnival game. Its Simple Punch the Bag as hard as you can and see how much you score!

Dragon Punch is Equipped with a Big Electronic Display showing the score of each punch. During the game, Every Participant can see and compare his/her Result with the top score on the seperate digital Display.

Dragon Punch is a 2 Player Arcade Machine - So can be Played 1 or 2 Player best of 3 Consecutive Punches.

Great for Events, Parties, Functions, Corporate Evetns, Brand Activations and Exhibitions and Carnival Theme Parties.

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King of Hammer Arcade HireInflatable Boxing Ring Hire

The King of Hammer Arcade for Hire also called a
High Striker is a Classic Arcade where you Test
your Strength by Hitting the Hammer as hard as
you can for the Challange for the Highest Score.
During the Game every participant can see and
compare there Result with there Top Score on
the Separate Digital Displays to be Decleared
the the King of Hammer. 

Great for Carnival Events, Promo Events, Parties, Festivals, Corporate Functions and Exhibitions.

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Crazy Hoop - Basketball Machine Arcade HireInflatable Boxing Ring Hire

Basketball Arcade Hire - Want to get your Basketball game on and shoot some hoops? Now you can with our Fun and interactive Crazy Hoops Basketball Arcade Machine for Hire. Show off your Basketball Skills where you Compete against the Clock to see how many times you can score within the required time. Play against other Players for the Highest Score! All Scoring is shown on the Digital Score board which is above the basketball hoop on the Basketball Arcade. Great for all type of Kids Parties, Events and Functions!

Please note the following Dimentions requirments - Length - 234cm Length x 124cm Width x 184cm Hieght

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Inflatable Boxing Ring HireMega Buzz Wire Game Hire 

Much like our table-top Buzz Wire games, the Mega Buzz Wire requires you to move your metallic wand from one end of the wire to the other without touching the two together and making that dreaded buzzing noise ring out.Much like our table-top Buzz Wire games, the Mega Buzz Wire requires you to move your metallic wand from one end of the wire to the other without touching the two together and making that dreaded buzzing noise ring out.The Mega Buzzwire is a bigger affair though. Able to stand on the ground or on a table top for even more of a challenge at height, the Mega Wire offers more of a competitive edge as it's bigger, longer and everyone wants to beat the beep!We all know the challenge well from fun fairs and carnivals - a game suitable for all ages.

Great for Event such as - Team Building, Employee Engagement, Fun Days, University Events, Sports Events, Promotional Events, Birthday Parties, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs, Exhibitions, Corporate Events, Charity Events

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